Results – 2013 Paul Douglas 22 – Calroc Tennis Tournament

The Lloydminster Tennis Association would up their 22nd annual tennis tournament this past weekend. This year we renamed the tournament the “Paul Douglas 22” in honor of our long time friend and supporter Paul Douglas who was unable to play this year as he is in Seattle taking treatment for a medical condition.

Play began Friday evening and concluded Sunday afternoon with great competition and some very close matches as many of them went to tie-breakers to decide a winner. The weather was great all three days so play continued without any delays. Several of our local players were unable to attend this year, but we had some new recruits from Saskatoon to fill the drawsheets. Glen Claridge from New Zealand, who is doing some work around Saskatoon area, heard about our tournament and joined in the competition and battled his way to victory in the 4.5 mens single division. It was a very successful weekend for all concerned and a great opportunity to meet up with friends who have been coming to play here for many years. Dan Echino, the tournament sponsor, spoke at the Saturday evening special, reflecting on the past 22 years of getting together with old friends, and as well, welcoming the new players who will be building our tennis community in the future. He also spoke about renaming the tournament to honor our friend Paul Douglas who has been a big part of tennis in our area for many, many years. Dan also echoed the ongoing frustration with the lack of tennis courts in our city and the difficulty the Lloydminster Tennis Association has hosting tournaments and offering lessons with so few courts. He closed by thanking all the dedicated people who make this tournament so successful this year.

Lloydminster Tennis Association is planning to host one more club tournament and possibly a Jr. Rookie tournament for the fall. Hopefully we can draw in more beginner players as we have had a lot of new people joining our lesson programs in the last few years.


4.5 Singles A winner Glen Claridge, New Zealand
Second place Landon Grubb, Saskatoon
4.5 Singles B winner Mike Danyluk, Saskatoon
Second place Jim Shipman, Saskatoon
3.5 Single winner Dan Echino, Calgary
Second place Ken Magbade, Lloydminster
4.5 Doubles winner Alex Forna-Gollop & Mike Danyluk, Saskatoon
Second place Alex Verganovsky, Lloydminster & Glen Claridge, New Zealand
3.5 Doubles winner Brian Robinson & Brian Schiller, Lloydminster
Second place Dan Echino, Calgary & Rod Shopland, Lloydminster
Mixed Doubles A winner Blair Schlosser & Michelle Meeting-Tees, Saskatoon
Second place Randy Abejero & Roselle Sagucio, Lloydminster
Mixed Doubles B winner Brian Schiller & Jo Ann Schiller, Lloydminster
Second place Leo Aguinaldo & Leila Naredo, Lloydminster
Ladies Doubles winner Leila Naredo & Roselle Sagucio, Lloydminster
Second place Lois Shopland & Jo Ann Schiller, Lloydminster